Strategic Group named one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers

We’re excited to announce that Strategic Group is among the 2017 Top Small & Medium Employers in Canada. The competition recognizes exceptional “small and medium enterprises (SMEs)” across the country which are evaluated by the Top 100 editors at Mediacorp Canada Inc. across eight areas: physical workplace; work and social atmosphere; health, financial and family benefits; vacation and time off; employee communications, performance management; training and skills development; and community involvement.

Learning, Growing and Having Fun at Strategic Group – Co-published by The Globe and Mail & Mediacorp

As one of Canada’s largest privately-held real estate companies, Calgary-based Strategic Group prides itself on taking an unconventional and creative approach while delivering on the fundamentals of real estate. Strategic Group owns, manages and develops office, retail and apartment properties across Canada. Strategic Group’s approach is summed up by the corporate mantra: “creating value others can’t by seeing what others don’t.”

Strategic Group takes a similarly purposeful approach to Team Member engagement. “Our workplace culture embodies our core values,” says Chief Executive Officer Riaz Mamdani. “Those values are about learning, growing and having fun.”

Team Members are able to learn in a variety of ways, including internships, online teaching tools and day-to-day coaching and mentorship. They are encouraged to grow by pursuing personal and corporate “stretch goals” and bringing forward their own ideas about how to improve the business.

“We have a history of promoting people from entry-level positions to much more senior roles,” says Mamdani, who practiced corporate, commercial and securities law before founding Strategic Group in 2001. “If you are smart, hard-working and self-motivated, you can do a lot of different things in our organization.”

And the fun part?

“Beyond the social activities we have on a regular basis, I believe people have fun when they are engaged and being challenged and getting to try things at a professional level that their peers do not,” says Mamdani. “Because we are creative and unconventional, the job is a lot of fun.”

Kyle Follett, who joined Strategic Group three years ago as a senior development analyst, concurs with that assessment.

“It is an entrepreneurial company which encourages us to push the envelope and always be learning,” says Follett. “They have allowed me to explore and grow and take on responsibilities that weren’t originally part of my job description. It’s been exciting and has given me the flexibility to take my career where I want it to go.”

Follett credits the company’s open-doorways with helping him thrive. “This is a small-to-mid-sized company that knows people engagement is important. I get to deal with our CEO and other senior executives on a regular basis and receive the mentorship to take on new challenges — something they are always open to.”

He agrees that the net result is a fun work environment. “It feels kind of like a family outside of the home,” says Follett. “The fun for me is just coming to work with like-minded people with similar goals.”

With over $1 billion in assets, Strategic Group is a fully integrated property owner, manager and developer of real estate as well as an investment company spanning a variety of North American industries. But while there is plenty of challenging work to be done, the company stresses the need for a positive work/life balance.

“We don’t encourage people to stay late or work weekends; that’s not an expectation at all,” says Mamdani. “And when we are hiring, we look for people with the right values — balanced human beings who work hard, but who also have lives and interests outside of work.”

The company also emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community.

“Our core values when it comes to community and volunteer work are impact, pride and legacy,” says Mamdani. “We want to be involved in initiatives where we can make a real difference. For example, because we are involved with the Project Warmth Society of Alberta, we know there were fewer homeless and underprivileged children facing the cold this winter. And because we contributed to the Calgary Food Bank, we know we had an impact on the number of hungry families in Calgary.

“At the same time, our goal is to build a legacy by making sure that, every year, we find ways to increase the level of contribution and better serve what I believe are our societal obligations.”

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Strategic Group announces 2017 Kidney March sponsorship

Published on the Kidney March Blog:

Remember that bustling little dining and entertainment tent that has been the hub of Kidney March activity every year? With the help of Strategic Group, that charming tent will be transformed into ‘Strategic Central’ in September 2017.

The Calgary-based company which owns, manages and develops office, retail and apartment properties across Canada, is the latest to step up to support Kidney March and the kidney community to make this transformation happen. Riaz Mamdani, the CEO of Strategic Group, has always placed a high degree of importance on community involvement.

“Businesses don’t operate in a vacuum,” Mr. Mamdani said in a recent interview. “Businesses are part of their community. We have a set of community values (Impact, Pride and Legacy) that are as important to us as our business values.”

Beyond what Mr. Mamdani describes as a social obligation to use our “intellect, muscle and capital to make the world a better place,” he insists on supporting good causes like Kidney March because “being visible in the community helps attract and motivate great people with similar values to work at the company – and that’s really what makes our business succeed.”

Mr. Mamdani is pleased that Kidney March has captured the imagination and passions of people within the organization; several people at Strategic Group have been personally affected by kidney disease and organ donation, including his own family. When asked what he wanted the Kidney March community to know about the company, he said it was Strategic Group that could learn a lot from Kidney Marchers. “I know we will get a lot out of this new partnership with Kidney March. We are the ones who will be inspired by the perseverance, commitment and goal-setting that kidney patients have to master as part of coping with their disease.”

And Strategic Group has a lot to look forward to when it comes to being inspired. As a leadership sponsor, Strategic Group has teamed up with a kidney marcher who will represent the company at the Kidney March and be available to speak to employees about her experience. The Strategic Group Marcher is Nicole Wuetherick, a brave young woman who has had more than 100 surgeries in her journey with kidney disease. Nicole, now 20, was on dialysis for eight years before she received the precious gift of a kidney from a donor she will never know.
The Kidney March team is thrilled to have Strategic Group joining us as a partner in our efforts to raise awareness for kidney disease and organ donation!

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Apartments in Spruce Grove

Things You Need to Know Before Renting Apartments in Spruce Grove

Are you interested in searching for apartments in Spruce Grove but not quite sure what questions to ask? By going over some of the things that you should know prior to renting, you will have a much easier time selecting the right home. In fact, you can rent faster in Spruce Grove by using the information provided as it will help you eliminate certain properties.

  • What are the total upfront costs at the time the lease is signed? – Landlords typically require a first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit against damages. However, before being approved, you could also be charged an application fee and the cost of having a background check run. For these extra charges, ask the landlord if the money will be refunded if approved or applied toward your security deposit.
  • Are any of the utilities included, and if so, which ones and what have they averaged for the past 12 months? – For any of the apartments for rent in Spruce Grove that you are interested in, you need to know what utilities you will be responsible for. If the landlord cannot tell you what the prior tenant paid over the past 12 months, you can contact the different utility companies directly and by providing the address, they will share that information.
  • Are there any on-site amenities, and if so, what are they? – Although everyone has a different list of expectations, you need to ask about the things that are most important to you, such as a laundry facility, fitness room, Wi-Fi, and so on.
  • How are maintenance issues handled? – Some apartments for rent in Spruce Grove have an on-site maintenance person and some do not. Regardless, you need to know what to do in the event of a maintenance emergency, especially if something happens over the weekend, at night, or during a holiday. Most properties handle maintenance extremely well, but in the case of low income housing in Spruce Grove, this could be a challenge.
  • What is the penalty if the lease is broken? – The answer to this question will vary depending on the apartment complex but in most situations, there is a penalty if the lease is broken. Even if you have no intention of leaving prior to the expiration of the lease, you need to know what would happen if you do.

For help finding the perfect apartment or home in Edmonton, visit
You can also contact us by phone to speak with a Leasing representative at 403.770.2300

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