The Mamdani Arts Leadership Award created to honour the “unsung heroes” on volunteer boards – Nominations open until November 30, 2018

With the help of Strategic Group, Calgarians can now honour the volunteer board members that help our local arts and culture organizations thrive. The new Mamdani Arts Leadership Award is now open for nominations and will be given to an exceptional individual at the Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions.

“Volunteer board members are often the unsung heroes of our arts and culture organizations in our community, and this award is our chance to honour them for their expertise and commitment,” says Riaz Mamdani, founder and CEO of Strategic Group.

The Mamdani Arts Leadership Award recognizes an arts volunteer board member who goes above and beyond to support the logistics, programming, operations and or culture of the organizations they choose to support. The award is named after the Mamdani family—champions of Calgary’s arts and culture sector.

Calgary’s arts and culture sector thrives because it has smart, passionate and committed individuals leading the arts organizations that make our community and city great. At Strategic Group, we know that a strong arts and culture sector is essential for a strong community and economy.

Strategic Group is proud of our continued support for the annual Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions. Together, we continue to nurture a circle of arts champions that are dedicated to building a thriving, growing and sustainable arts and culture sector.

To learn more about the award or if you know a volunteer arts leader that should receive this award, please nominate them by November 30, 2018.

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Mamdani: today’s economy should not derail an Olympic bid for Calgary

Many people, organizations and businesses bemoan the current economic challenges of our city. While those challenges are real, they are not insurmountable. We are a city of smart people and we will find solutions.

In fact, all hands are on deck to find those solutions. Calgary Economic Development, academic institutions, our City Council leadership and many of my counterparts in our business community are doing what we can be it policy, incentives or marketing. My company, Strategic Group, is repurposing under-used office space into new residential homes. It is all work in the right direction.

All that to say: Our economy today is not a reason to stop our Olympic bid tomorrow.

Calgary can and will run a successful Olympics. We set the bar high in 1988 for future games, and Calgarians will do it again in 2026. Our spirit of community, volunteerism and management skills will result in the most imaginative games ever—it’s the Calgary way.

There is no greater opportunity for positive exposure than hosting the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

In my career, I often travel and meet with investors around the globe. As proud as we are of our home, Calgary is rarely top of mind. Getting international investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders to think of Calgary often takes great effort—more effort than it should.

Hosting the 2026 Games would blow our door wide open. We would not just be welcoming the world for a major international celebration—we would be welcoming the economic world to Calgary in a way no marketing campaign can ever achieve. Over the course of a bid, while hosting successful Games, and well into the future, the world will know the opportunity of Calgary and that will pay dividends that we will all collect.

The benefits and legacy of the 2026 Games have been well-tread by many others. Ours could be the most inclusive, accessible and sustainable Games. The legacy we build for our community in sport, arts and culture, health and wellness, and social well-being will be undeniably powerful.

And, yes, our chance to really tackle the long-term economic and social health of our downtown is incredibly exciting. Calgary 2026 is the right opportunity at the right time for our city. It is an opportunity we can’t pass up.

Across disciplines and demographics, many Calgarians know the Olympics will provide a positive boost to our city. It will restore our presence on the international stage. We know Calgarians will manage the games in a fashion that will create new standards for others to follow.

On Tuesday, November 13, I hope that Calgarians will join me to vote Yes to bidding to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Riaz Mamdani is the CEO of Strategic Group

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Strategic Group supports Calgary 2026

At Strategic Group, we are very pleased that Calgarians will be voting on a bid to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. We support a bid and encourage all Calgarians to vote on November 13, 2018.

Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is an unparalleled opportunity to build our community and our economy. We believe in Calgary and know that, together, we can create the most inclusive, sustainable and successful Games ever—a Games that will leave a powerful and lasting legacy for all Calgarians. This is a unique opportunity in front of us all, as Calgarians, and we, as a company in the business of building this city, want to be a part of that.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a moment to learn the facts about the Calgary 2026 bid and what hosting can do for all of us.

And then: please vote.

The future of this bid—of Calgary and our region—is in our hands. “We are better together” is a value of these Games, and we absolutely agree. Let’s come together and build this great city.

Advance polling happens on November 6 and 7. Find your Advance Vote voting station.

Vote day is November 13. Find your Vote Day voting station.

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