Finding business opportunities amidst challenge

Written by: Riaz Mamdani

Weathering economic instability is a popular topic of late. With the global economy on shaky ground, many of us have been forced to take a long and sobering look at the viability of our business models.

However, what one has to fundamentally realize is that for the savvy and industrious, financial insecurity can be a precursor to success in new sectors and industries.

Thriving in the insecure economic market of today is challenging, especially for Canadians who face the plummeting rate of our national currency. The last 12 months have been a particularly stressful time for the Calgary economy with the oil sector – Alberta’s bread and butter – floundering as the price of oil continues to fall.

As a real estate developer, I have had to refocus the direction in which my company, Strategic Group, is moving. I know that with Alberta’s current economic climate, it’s become more important than ever for Strategic Group to live up to its tagline, “Creating value others can’t by seeing what others don’t”. As the Chief Executive Officer for Strategic Group, I also know it’s my responsibility to lead my team in finding value and opportunity where others don’t.

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Q1 Team Strategic Award winner

Congratulations to Operations Supervisor, Trevor Armishaw on receiving the Q1 Team Strategic Award. This award is presented quarterly to a Team Member who sets the bar high and continues to be a role model for all Strategic Group Team Members by exemplifying our core values around People, Community, and Business.

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Place 9-6 evacuation

January 7, 11:30 pm update

Place 9-6 has been given re-entry access by ENMAX and Strategic Group’s Building Operations team.

Thank you for your patience while we worked with our emergency response team to quickly and effectively address this electrical issue.

January 7, 8:40 pm update

ENMAX continues to work on resolving the power issue at Place 9–6. ENMAX personnel on site have advised that they anticipate the power to be restored to the building around 11:30 pm tonight (January 7).

Once power is restored to the building, Strategic Group’s Building Operations team will turn the power back on in phases. They will work throughout the night to ensure that the building is safe and ready for re-entry for business as usual tomorrow morning.

Please check back on this site for an update to confirm building re-entry status.

January 7, 4:15 pm update

Please be advised that our Place 9-6 building has been evacuated today as a result of a fault occurring in an ENMAX vault which provides electricity to the building. The system re-energized, however, the vault needs to be inspected and all of the electrical systems associated with it as necessary repairs may be required.

ENMAX has indicated this is on an emergency-basis and as such, they will be stopping electricity service to Place 9-6 once all tenants have left the building. Our Building Operations team have communicated the issue to all tenants and advised they leave the building.

If you are a tenant at Place 9-6, please ensure that you turn off all of your computers and servers as well as other devices plugged into electrical outlets. We will communicate as soon as the work is complete and power has been restored to the building.

Any questions may be directed to Service Desk at 403.770.2303.

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