Our Team Members

Danielle Smith-Deveau

Assistant Property Manager, Commercial

Danielle has called Calgary home for the last 18 years, with a brief interruption to New Brunswick in 2009-10. She was first introduced to Property Management on the east coast and managed a few small buildings in Fredericton with a gentleman who was a former Canadian Senator.

How long have you worked at Strategic Group and what brought you here?

Four years. My brother-in-law also worked at Strategic Group in leasing, so when it was time for a change, it seemed like a good choice.

What is your title and explain a little about what you do.

As Assistant Property Manager, I work with the Property Manager and the Operations team to make sure the buildings are in good shape and the tenants are happy. A large part of my job is reviewing the tenants’ accounts and making sure we collect the rent and any other additional charges. I also help tenants understand their leases and operating costs at the building (such as property tax, for example), and assist with booking resources or liaising with departments if needed, such as Custodial or Operations. I also assist the Property Manager and Operations Supervisor with the daily operations of the buildings in my portfolio. This includes some administrative functions such as creating and managing purchase orders, reconciling invoices, reviewing utility use, and helping with reports, but we also coordinate repairs such as roof replacements or lobby renovations.

What do you love most about working here?

The diversity. I’ve never worked in a place where so many different cultures are celebrated.

What is your favourite Strategic Group moment?

The fist year I participated in Project Warmth, Brand and Community supplied a bunch of yarn and knitting needles. Alicia and I then taught a group of staff to knit headbands in the kitchen over lunch for a couple of weeks. We had about 25 warm headbands to donate to keep needy ears warm over the winter. It was a great team builder for a great cause.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

In a previous position I was heavily involved in event planning, which included booking talent such as stand up comedians or bands. When planning the Oxford Stomp, I met Our Lady Peace, Counting Crows, Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers, and Big Wreck. Big Wreck was just about the nicest group of guys you’d ever want to meet and told me repeatedly how much they enjoyed their time in Calgary.

If you had just one box of all your stuff, what would you put in it?

If it’s a small box I would put my yarn and knitting needles, and a few books, but if I can have a box big enough for my fiancé and my step-son that would be all I need to be happy.

What’s your favourite guilty pleasure when it comes to candy or snacks?

Pickles. They’re fantastic! They’re like a snack and a drink at the same time. I go through a jar a week.