Strategic Group’s in-house Development Team is focused on projects that provide value. Our goal is to create amenity-rich and attractive buildings in an environmentally responsible way.

Many of our developments are mixed-use (integration of uses such as residential, office, hotel and retail spaces), which allow residents to live, work and play in their own community. Sustainability is a key priority, so implementing energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling and sustainable cleaning programs, as well as attaining LEED and Built Green certification, are integral to our developments. We consistently implement local, provincial, North American and global development best practices and are always innovating to ensure our Tenants’ experience is superior to other competing developments.

Barron building

Barron Building is an 11-storey building containing 130,834 square feet of office and retail space. Strategic Group is investing more than $100 million to revitalize and upgrade nearly every aspect of the building, expanding on the already solid foundation of the original construction.

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The ONE6 development will be a five-storey, 103 Unit, 71,172 SF, wood frame multi-family, mixed use development; with 6,000 SF of main floor retail; a 50 unit parkade will form the foundation for the subject property. The project will be complete in June of 2017.

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ONE is a 32-storey mixed-use building with approximately 100,000 sq. ft. of Class “A” office space and more than 225 rental residences.

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Terra Townhomes

Terra is our new two and three bedroom, 153, townhome rental development, which is located right across from Aqua Apartments. Construction began in October, 2016 and is expected to be completed in 2018.