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5 Townhouse Décor Tips for a Quick Spring Refresh

As the snow begins to thaw, you can definitely feel the change in the air and Spring is just around the corner. Along with this natural change in seasons, comes the desire to clean out some of the extra items laying around the house that are no longer needed. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to give your townhouse a quick and easy refresh, which will cut down on housework and make all of your friends envious of your home-décor savviness!

1. Eye-Catching Area Rugs – Get inspired by nature and bring some of the vibrant colours blossoming outside into your living room. Add a bright area rug to your space for a zest of colour. Pair that with some complimentary throw pillows and you have yourself an entirely new living room!

2. Reframe Existing Artwork – If the art you’ve collected over the years just doesn’t excite you like it once did, try simply reframing these pieces for an overall style update. Though framing can get a bit expensive, try looking for frames at local thrift stores – these can be bought more affordably and with some spray paint, can be a frugal way of upgrading your artwork on a budget.

3. Rethink Organization – We all do it, we get comfortable with the clutter in the bathroom or bedroom and think, “It’s not that bad and I know where everything is…sort-of”. Don’t be a pack-rat! Shelves and baskets can be a great way to reorganize all of the items you want to display and hide the ones you need, but don’t want your friends seeing while they’re over.

4. Coffee Table Books Galore – We understand that it’s easy to accumulate a number of hardcover books over the years, which sit on your coffee table and are rarely opened. Nevertheless, coffee table books are great for décor but try switching their placement every so often and make sure the books you’re displaying are relevant to the season.

5. Splurge on Luxury Bedding – If you’ve followed the last four décor refreshes, you’ve been pretty cost conscience, so why not treat yourself to the comforts of luxury bedding? There’s nothing better at the end of hard day than wrapping yourself in 1,500 thread-count sheets and a plush duvet!

Remember, this is just a starting list to get the ball rolling on your Spring décor refreshes. There are hundreds of ways to accomplish this, however, all of the above projects can be done in a townhouse rental.

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