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A unique vantage point opens up the possibility for innovation – Strategic Group enrols four project

With a mantra of creating value others can’t by seeing what others don’t, Strategic Group understands the market, their own strengths and opportunities, and makes deliberate decisions about how to be successful in an uncertain world. The company experienced significant gains and successes in 2018 through their creative and nimble approach to business and the real estate industry. In 2019 and beyond, Strategic Group’s growth will be in their multi-family residential rental business: which is linked to their focus on environmentally sustainable building and property management practices.

“As we move forward with our business plan and strategy, we know it makes good economic sense to include environmentally sustainable practices in our work,” says Riaz Mamdani, Strategic Group CEO. “Our tenants and residents, stakeholders and neighbours expect a collaborative approach to environmental action, and together we are making smart and creative choices that limit our collective environmental impact.”

All of Strategic Group’s new construction and office-to-residential repurposing projects earn environmental sustainability certifications, and each of their office buildings are BOMA BEST certified, which indicates excellence in energy and environmental management and performance, along with improvements in commercial real estate.

Four of Strategic Group’s repurposing projects are enrolled in Built Green’s High Density Renovation pilot program—the first company to enrol projects in this new program. Consistent with Built Green’s other sustainable building programs, the High Density Renovation program focuses on the same seven categories for a holistic approach that includes energy & envelope, materials & methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and business practices. Compared to the new High Density project program, the main differences in this renovation program affect Energy & Envelope, Materials & Methods, and Waste Management. While program participation is affordable, in select markets, incentives and rebates are available.

“Strategic Group’s business model includes an appreciation for environmental sustainability that is integrated across their operations—they understand the social, human, environmental and economic benefits of sustainability,” says Jenifer Christenson, chief executive officer at Built Green Canada. “They have energy reduction and other conservation, recycling, and environmental initiatives in place that allow the benefits to continue after the build or renovation is complete: tenants and residents have tools to make informed decisions about their consumption habits.”

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For more information about the High Density Renovation Pilot and Strategic Group’s role in it, click here.

Above photo: Cube, Calgary, AB, one of Strategic Group’s four repurposing projects.

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