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Calgary landlords preparing for refugee influx

Strategic Group CEO Riaz Mamdani says his company is willing to do what it takes to provide housing to Syrian Refugees coming to Canada. Mamdani was a child refugee from Uganda in the 1970s, and said he and his family now want to give back.

Brodie Thomas, Calgary Metro

Calgary’s landlords are stepping forward to say they’re ready to accept Syrian refugees into their properties.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi mentioned that the city is meeting with some of the city’s larger property owners during a phone in on CBC radio Wednesday afternoon.

When contacted, the mayor’s office declined to elaborate on any meetings at this time, as did Calgary Housing Company.

But Riaz Mamdani, the CEO of Calgary-based Strategic Group, confirmed he had spoken with the mayor’s office as well as federal officials and made a commitment to help.

He said his company – which owns rental properties across Canada – is prepared to open its properties to Syrian refugees with no limits imposed.

“If that means we’re not going to charge them for a period of time, that’s our commitment to the overall cause,” said Mamdani.

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