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Difficulty in Finding Office Space in Calgary? We Can Help!

Although there is an abundance of space in downtown Calgary for businesses, as well as various office parks and other locations throughout the city, you may be struggling to find the perfect fit for your company. If you need help in identifying the right location, as well as building and office space, our professional team at Strategic Group would love to help.

Learning Who We Are

We understand that every company has a unique need for office space. This depends on multiple factors, including the industry, size of the company, number of employees, budget, amenity and technical requirements, and more. At Strategic Group, we take all of these factors and more into account when assessing our clients’ needs.

As we are owners, managers, and developers of office, retail and apartment properties across Canada, you will have no problem finding something ideal for your needs. The approach that we take is quite different from other businesses in that you log onto our website, click on the type of space you are interested in, and then scour through actual listings.

As part of this, you can view addresses, read about the location and amenities, and see photos. Other information includes square footage and availability. In many cases, you can open the floorplan. Having access to this type of information is a huge help in narrowing down your choices.

We are a privately-held real estate company that does things in a unique way. Our professional services cover various types of properties. Regardless of what you are looking for, you no longer have to chase down current information. Instead, you browse through the listings on our website, or you can contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable leasing representatives.

Our goal is to provide tenants with the best service possible. Because we place such importance on our tenants’ satisfaction, we continually deliver high-quality customer service. Being a tenant at one of our locations comes with many benefits. For instance, Strategic Group delivers management services for each property listed in the company portfolio. In addition, the team of experts oversees all daily operations, maintenance, and service requests for each property.

By being so involved, we dramatically reduce your role as a tenant of office space. We provide janitorial services, property maintenance, and even security to each of our properties. Because of this, you enjoy stellar service for a reasonable price. We even have a construction services group that handles improvements and renovations for all of the Strategic Group properties.

Call us today to discover the best areas for leasing office space in Calgary.

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