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How Hard Is It to Find an Apartment for Rent in Spruce Grove?

Spruce Grove is located just under seven miles to the west of Edmonton, the capital of Alberta. Although the current population of Spruce Grove is roughly 33,650, it is considered a vibrant, exciting, fun, and charming place to call home. Many people have concerns regarding apartments in Spruce Grove but with the right help, there is no need to worry.

A common misconception is that unlike Edmonton and larger Canadian cities that have an abundance of housing options, apartments for rent in Spruce Grove are scarce. While there are not a significant number of apartment communities right in Spruce Grove, there are many great options nearby.

Properties for Rent

Following are a few examples of apartment properties in Spruce Grove area, including Lake Ridge, Claridge, and Entro.

  • Lake Ridge – This apartment community allows you to enjoy the finer things in life without spending a fortune. Located in Spruce Grove, these apartments have a homey feel while being within close proximity to the big city and all it has to offer.

  • Entro – This charming apartment community provides a homey atmosphere that residents appreciate. Not only is this one of the newest up-and-coming communities available, it boasts a convenient location just 20 minutes from Edmonton.

  • Claridge West – One of the big attractions of this apartment community is its Kirkness neighborhood location. This puts you near all of your daily activities while providing you with an outstanding place to call home.

Additional Possibilities in Calgary

We offer other possibilities beyond apartments in Spruce Grove. Mission Apartments has an aesthetically pleasing design while also offering a walkable lifestyle. Because Inglewood was voted as the best neighborhood in Canada, the apartment community at 1410 Inglewood is an excellent choice. Missao is situated in a trendy area just minutes from the heart of downtown Calgary. Then there is Centro, a great choice that supports a walkable lifestyle while providing you with everything that you need inside and out.

Regardless if you are only interested in apartments in Spruce Grove or you are willing to consider other communities located just outside of town, we can help. Instead of settling on a place to live, our experts at Strategic Group will provide you with access to the best apartment properties available. For more information about properties or our services or to get assistance in searching for your new home, please give us a call.

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