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Keeping our residential communities safe and healthy

Together, we have all worked hard to limit the spread of COVID-19. As soon as the pandemic began, Strategic Group acted to keep all our tenants and residents safe and healthy. This included following public health orders and recommendations. We kept in regular contact with our residents and tenants to share what changes we were making and the latest accurate information from the governments of Canada and Alberta.

As we closed high risk amenities like gyms and common rooms, we also started a thorough cleaning program that included disinfecting high-touch areas like elevator buttons and door handles at least once a day. Our building technicians and maintenance teams were also equipped with disinfection materials to clean throughout our buildings as they went about daily operations. Our after-hours cleaning teams also did weekly deep cleans that included sanitizing all common areas.

Now that we are entering a new normal, we have reopened amenities while we continue to keep a heightened level of cleaning in the common areas of our residential communities. The pandemic is still with us, so we must be vigilant as we clean and sanitize our homes.

Of course, our response to COVID-19 must be a collaborative effort. Thanks to all our residents who practice social distancing, wash their hands often and well, and stay in their homes when they are not feeling well. We are deeply grateful that such considerate people chose to live in our communities every day. Together, we will ensure a safe and healthy future for all of us.

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