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Office Rental Guide: Choose the Right Office Space for Lease

If you are interested in space for lease in Calgary, there are specific things to consider. Whether looking for Calgary retail leasing opportunities or actual office space, you have many incredible options. For either scenario, it helps to follow a guide so that ultimately, you can focus on space that meets your needs.

Calgary Office Space for Lease

Specific to office space for lease in Calgary, the following information will make the process of searching easier.

  • Flexibility – Obviously, the space needs to meet your current demands. However, if your business is growing quickly, you might consider leasing space that will accommodate future needs as well. Before locking into a long-term lease, find out if there is an opportunity to expand or build-out.

  • Ground Maintenance – The exterior of an office building speaks volumes about the type and caliber of businesses inside. Therefore, it is essential that you look for buildings whereby both the outside grounds and inside common areas are immaculate.

  • Layout – The exact layout of office space is also important. Depending on the type of company that you own, you may require private offices, open space, or a combination of the two. In reality, the right layout will have a direct impact on productivity, efficiency, convenience, and even employee morale.

Shop Space for Rent in Calgary

For retail space, following are a few examples of things to consider.

  • Parking – For your workers, as well as visiting customers, available parking is essential. The last thing that you want is for people to scramble in trying to find street parking. If street parking is all a location offers, make sure it can accommodate the volume of business that your company does, especially during peak buying times.

  • Setting Your Own Rules – When leasing a retail space, it would be nice to have some freedom for setting your own rules. Therefore, you need to become familiar with zoning ordinances, building restrictions regarding construction and modification, and even local laws. This will help you determine any restrictions pertaining to customization of the space, holding special events, choosing signage, and more.

  • Space Size – When looking at space for lease in Calgary specific to retail, you want to provide customers with ample room to move about. Even a small retail shop should offer adequate aisle and check-out counter space. At Strategic Group, we will help you find the perfect space for lease in Calgary based on things that you consider most critical, whether for retail or office purposes.

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