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Tenant Spotlight – Dogtopia expands to second Strategic Group property

This month the Tenant spotlight shines on Dogtopia – a premium dog daycare, boarding and spa facility – which first opened its doors in Calgary two years ago in Quarry Park.

In May 2017, the franchise expanded to Strategic Group’s Blackfoot Centre and is now opening soon in M17 – one of Strategic Group’s residential properties located on trendy 17th Ave.

Robert Loskot, Managing Partner, says, “Dogtopia is all about transparency. It’s not chain-linked fences; we separate dogs by sizes and rooms.

We are a premium dog day care and our clients recognize that.”

Currently operating in more than 50 locations in North America and recently recognized as one of the top franchise to buy, Dogtopia is dedicated to offering exceptional care for dogs.

“Being a franchisee is rewarding, but I did not know all the variables and challenges in owning a doggie day care,” Loskot says.

“You have to make sure you are meeting clients’ expectations, dogs’ expectations and your employees’ and so from that perspective, it’s a little challenging,” he adds.

Loskot says the most rewarding part has been taking in dogs from other facilities that have not been so great, working with them, and then having the accolades from clients.

Each YYC Dogtopia has approximately 14 staff and a training staff of 11 across the different facilities. Dogtopia’s additional services include training such as: puppy classes, fly-ball, frisbee, etc.

“We took over a Superdogs facility and kept the trainers so we offer a great variety – classes I didn’t even know existed,” he says.

When asked what success means to Loskot and the thriving business, he says it ‘means having six successful facilities in Calgary’ and they are well on their way to three. In five years, they hope to “own” the market and be providing top-notch doggie day care, boarding and grooming to everyone’s furry four-legged friends.

“We’re doing well and making sure we provide a quality service for dogs in this city because it’s been lacking, in my opinion, and pups should be well taken care of.

Loskot says the best part of his job is interacting with the pups and bringing his dog to work.

“I should put him on payroll because he’s done over 200 meet-and-greets himself.”

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