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Tenant Spotlight – Results Canada Inc.

Strategic Group visited Results Canada Inc. in their Parallel Building to find out more about who they are and what they do. While chatting with Andrea Kenna, Practice Director for the Calgary Office, we learned that Results “help companies unleash their business potential through disciplined execution.”

“Our company inspires people to build great companies. We work with organizations to teach them discipline to execute ideas, clarify their vision and build strategies, and accomplish those strategies. We have a simple process that we work through with our clients to really transform their businesses,” says Kenna.

The company’s history traces back 20 years and has evolved over time from training, into planning and now in the current execution business model.

“We work with small-medium-sized companies that are already really good. They usually come to us when the owner wants to have succession, he/she is either ready to leave the business or maybe there is a family member that is coming to take over.”

Kenna explains that other times it is rapid growth or the opposite. It could also be that organizations want to improve their culture, or there is frustration about having all these great ideas but not being able to execute properly.

“We tend to work with companies for many years in a row and the reason for working with us can change over those years,” she says.

The company works with a variety of industries across both profit and nonprofit sectors.

“We work with anyone who is an ambitious, open-minded business leader – somebody who wants to move quickly with their business and they just need some extra assistance.”

Results has offices in Vancouver, Edmonton and eight employees in the Calgary Head Office at Parallel Centre – a six-storey building in the Downtown commercial core.

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