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Tenant Spotlight – Seed N Salt

Seed N Salt opened its doors late June 2017 in Strategic Group’s 20/20 building on 4th Street. The boutique salad and super bowl eatery in trendy Mission offers healthy options and quick service without compromising on taste.

Co-owner Melodie-Joy Miller says, “Seed N Salt was born from a few conversations where we – myself and business partner Heather Merrett – mutually agreed we needed better fast food. We wanted transparency to the ingredients, whole foods, and natural ingredients all with a cool look and feel.”

“Quite simply; we wanted to fulfill a need we personally felt was apparent in our city,” Miller adds.

The name Seed N Salt stemmed from how their vision came to be:

“I was traveling to NYC while pregnant with my third child to explore current trends in healthy quick-service food concepts – this is when the seeds’ were planted,” she says.

The supermom duo sought out a prime storefront to bring their vision to life and it was when they realized how much ‘salt’ they had to apply to see this through that the name came to fruition.

Many have come through Seed N Salt’s doors since June 26 including business professionals from 20/20 and the surrounding Mission community, busy families, first dates, fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes and more.

“It’s been rewarding to hear compliments, words of encouragement, and guests asking for a location in their community,” says Miller. This neighbourhood and their support have been outstanding.”

Seed N Salt currently operates with 20 employees who champion living a balanced lifestyle and are passionate about locally-sourced, healthy food.

When asked what success means for them, Miller says it’s ‘spending time with their families while fulfilling their love for growing a successful business and positively impacting the Calgary community at large.’

“We want to help others recognize the seeds others are planting and the salt it takes to grow and commit to those seeds.”

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