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Tenant Spotlight – Work Nicer

There’s working, and then there’s Work Nicer

A company dedicated to being a resource for locals by providing them with the necessities to work better, faster, and nicer.

Work Nicer is a resource-driven co-working space for local companies and entrepreneurs. Based on Stephen Avenue in the downtown core, they provide their members with everything from desk space and internet access, to coffee.

Founder, Alex Putici says, “The real power is the community side of it. We get them connected with other people that can help solve their problems and their struggles and work together to build each other’s businesses.”

Building community is part of the foundational framework of Work Nicer, where the company believes in reaching out to the Calgary community.

Community Marketing Coordinator, Phoebe Davis, says, “So we’ve reached out to people in the community and vice versa to see how either bringing them in or bringing our members to them would be beneficial for both of us and our members.”

Phoebe says the best part of her job is being exposed to all the different entrepreneurs and industries the city has to offer and how willing everyone is to collaborate.

The company has seen early success through the visibility they have gained. By reaching out to the community, Work Nicer has found that most of their advertising comes from word of mouth.

“When people are spreading the word and we’re hearing from people or seeing people online talking about us and we have zero connection to them – that to me is success. The fact that we are becoming this community resource that we want to be,” says Alex.

For companies that are curious about whether they will fit into the Work Nicer space, the company provides an unpublished week-long trial to use their space and see how they interact with their members.

If a company isn’t quite the right fit for the space, Alex says Work Nicer is more than happy to connect those people with other similar places in the city.

“Just because they don’t necessarily take up a membership here doesn’t mean they don’t fit in some other way or that we can steer them towards somewhere where they might fit better.”

For Alex, being able to give back as a job is what he loves most about Work Nicer, “And that’s the whole idea, that the more that we give and put into our members and into our community, the more that we will eventually get out of it, and so it’s cool to be able to say ‘my job is really to be a resource and a connector for people,’ and that’s really rewarding.”

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