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What You Need to Look for While Renting Apartments in Calgary

When looking for apartments in Calgary, everyone has a slightly different list of things they want. However, there are a number of options that should be included on every list. By making those things a priority, you will have a much easier time finding a home that best suits your needs.

Key Options

  • The Right Location – Regardless if you have your own vehicle or rely on public transportation, the location of condos for rent in Calgary should be a top priority. While you might have to go a little further than anticipated to find the right home, start by looking at apartments within a reasonable distance from work. This will allow you to get to work on time yet be home shortly after clocking out so that you can spend more time with your family or doing activities with friends.

  • Amenities – As you search for condos for rent in Calgary, make a list of amenities that you absolutely must have versus those you want. If you find an apartment in a great location but it is missing a few things on your “want” list, you can then determine if the location trumps the amenities that you want.

  • Cost – A common mistake that people make is going for the apartment at the top end of their budget. While they can pay the rent, that typically means making sacrifices in other areas. Be realistic when setting your budget. Before locking into a long-term contract for the most expensive apartment, consider the compromises.

  • Pets – Regardless whether you look for apartments or Calgary house rentals, if you have pets, make sure the potential landlord is aware of the type and the number of pets you have. Although it might take you a little more time and effort to find the right home, you want a place that works for you and the animals that you love.

For most people, searching for the perfect home is difficult. They may find what they believe is the ideal home only to call and discover it was rented weeks prior or that they fall at the bottom of a very long wait list. For a list of current Calgary apartment rentals downtown, we can help. Strategic Group offers a list of viable rentals in the area that you want and those that match all of your needs, plus wants. Visit for more information.

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