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2024 Masters Tournament (Strategic’s Version)

Golf is often considered a game of strategy, precision, and camaraderie. But what happens when the spirit of the Masters Tournament is brought into the office? Let's just say it's not your average day at work.

On Friday, April 12, the Strategic Group team decided to infuse our passion for the Masters into the workweek by organizing our second annual Masters Golf Tournament in the office. Picture this: the boardroom transformed into a mini-golf course, complete with makeshift greens and hazards with employees eagerly stepping up to showcase their putting prowess.

Strategic team members create putting course

The office was split into five iconic teams: Team Koepka, Team Scheffler, Team McIllroy, Team Fowler, and Team Rahm, each tasked with replicating their own version of a hole at Augusta National, to then be played and judged on complexity, creativity, and fun. Teams were welcome to use any item in the office or bring items from home to create their hole.

Testing the putting course

But why bring golf into the workplace? Aside from the obvious fun factor, it fosters team building. Strategic Group’s core values for our people include learning, growing, and having fun and golf has a unique way of bringing people together, regardless of their skill level. By teeing off in the office, colleagues can interact in a relaxed setting.

While the coveted green jacket may not have been up for grabs at the Strategic office, the title of office-putting champion is certainly a badge of honor worth vying for. Plus, an added touch of healthy competition in the workplace is a motivating factor.

As the final putts rolled in, the afternoon closed with the Strategic Group version of the Masters Champions dinner with all participants enjoying food, refreshments, and some golf course banter.

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