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How to Find Secure Spaces for Parking in Downtown Edmonton

Not always, but often, finding secure parking in downtown Edmonton is challenging. Not only does this include privately owned lots and covered parking in garages, but it also includes street parking in Edmonton. Also, along with businesses, some people live in the downtown area, which means you have to battle people’s needs for residential parking in Edmonton. If you work downtown or plan to visit, it will help for you to identify places where you can safely leave your vehicle before heading out.

To achieve your goal in finding secure spaces downtown, including street parking in Edmonton, consider the following tips.

Generic Online Search – You can always conduct a generic search using Google. While the information could be limited, it is still worth trying.

Parking Sites – Another option is to log onto actual sites that provide parking information for the downtown area of Edmonton. For example, with Parkopedia, you can hone in on specific areas. From there, this site provides street addresses as well as the costs based on time variations. You might also check out the Downtown Business Association website, which has a lot of answers and links. You might also consider using the ParkingPanda site, which is similar to Parkopedia in that you can find parking in different areas using a map.

Privately Owned Companies – In response to continued growth in the downtown area of Edmonton, which in turn increases the demand for secure parking spaces, you will find numerous privately owned lots. With a quick Google search, you can come up with several names. While each website is unique, most have a search option.

Parking at Professional Buildings – While some businesses in downtown Edmonton restrict the use of their parking lots to employees, some do not. If you want to attend a special event or perhaps do some shopping downtown, you might check out property listings on the Strategic Group website. That way, you can find the location of businesses and either call or drive by to see if after-hours parking is permitted.

For residential and commercial properties located in downtown Edmonton, we can help. By logging onto our website at the Strategic Group, you will have no problem finding what you need. We provide detailed information and excellent photos to make your selection process seamless. To view our available properties, we invite you to visit us today. We would love the opportunity to be of assistance.

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