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A Guide to Home Leasing in Edmonton

When looking for apartments for rent, there are certain things that are important to consider in an urban or rural area. Of course, the budget is always at the top of the list regardless of where you want to live. It is important to compare your income to debt ratio and consider other expenses that go hand-in-hand with being a tenant.

Additional Things to Consider

Neighborhood – The neighborhood that you choose is extremely important. While some neighborhoods cater to a younger and hipper crowd, others draw in people of retirement age. Obviously, a neighborhood consisting of younger people is likely to have late-night parties while an older neighborhood is going to be quiet and more relaxed. Amenities – When it comes to apartments for rent, some offer amenities while others have few to none. If covered parking, a swimming pool, green space, and other on-site amenities are important to you, be sure to add these to your list. Beyond what is on-site, there are neighborhood amenities to think about as well, such as restaurants, theaters, bars, and so on. If you enjoy outdoor activities, such as biking or jogging, a nearby trail would be a nice bonus. Safety – Safety is a huge factor to consider for not only the neighborhood but also the apartment complex itself. You can learn about the neighborhood crime rate by researching online or talking to the Edmonton police service. You should ask about things like window and door locks, on-site security, coded entrance, balcony railings, and fire alarms, among other things. Transportation – Although many people who live in an urban or rural area have their own transportation, not all do. Therefore, if you rely on public transportation, you will need to determine what services are available. Pet-Friendly – For many people, pets are an extension of the family. If you have a cat, dog, or even bird, it is essential that you look at apartments for rent that are pet-friendly. For those that allow pets, you want to find out if a pet deposit is required and if your monthly rental payment will increase. Utilities – The cost of plumbing, electricity, water, and trash add up quickly. When looking at different apartments for rent, research the average cost of the various utilities to determine if the apartment fits within your budget.

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