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A Tenant’s Guide to Leasing Commercial Property

If you are interested in finding commercial space for lease in Calgary, there are some important factors to consider. With a little bit of knowledge, you will locate the ideal space that accommodates your business and employees to the fullest.

Helpful Information

It is to your advantage to learn what you can about commercial space for lease in Calgary so that you end up in the right location and building.

  • Your Business – Consider how your decision about commercial real estate will impact your business. You want to make sure that your real estate commitments align as closely as possible to your company’s future needs. A common mistake is leasing for the moment without considering growth. The goal is to secure office space with the potential to accommodate your changing needs.

  • Defined Requirements – Early on in the process of finding office space in Calgary, set realistic expectations. The space that you choose should meet the majority of your operational requirements and give your workers a comfortable and safe environment in which to be productive.

  • Broker Representation – Another aspect of leasing is getting representation from an experienced broker. Leasing commercial space is often complicated. Working with a reputable broker, various complexities are navigated in a professional and ethical way. To get into the right space for the right dollar amount, you need to work with the right people and be knowledgeable of the information in front of you. If you don’t know, ask!

  • Preliminary Approvals – Alongside your broker, you can begin searching for commercial space for lease in Calgary, narrowing your choices down to a few. From there, run a detailed financial analysis on each building so that the wrong location and type of building is quickly weeded out. Your broker, along with the building contractor and others, can assist with the analysis.

  • RFP Process – After identifying several options regarding commercial space for lease in Calgary, your broker will prepare the RFP (Request for Proposal). This shows each owner that you are serious. Included is the length of the lease, proposed occupancy date, leasing concessions, space deliverable, and the final date for response. After deciding on just one office space, your broker’s job is to help you know when to push and when to concede on negotiations.

As experts in commercial leasing, we would love the opportunity to help you find the perfect location and building.

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