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A Thank You From Terra

We are thrilled to announce that our June Block Party Blowout was a success and wanted to say a special thank you to the wonderful Terra residents, general public and Airdrie City Councillor Tina Petrow for being a part of the event.

Strategic Group wanted to give back to the people who make the residence and the community inclusively, such a great place to live. Randy Ferguson, COO of Strategic Group stated, “We are delighted at the response from the community for our promotion focussing on the rental of our newly constructed Townhomes. The families that have chosen Terra as their new rental home have an opportunity to benefit well beyond the existing overwhelming strengths of this Residence, and we feel gratified by that.”

Three Terra residents’ names were drawn and the lucky winners of the one year of free rent are: Melissa and David, Danielle, and Darlene! Congratulations and we hope that this prize helps to make the next year at Terra extra special!

We hope everyone had a great afternoon at Terra’s Block Party and appreciate you joining us. Thank you, Airdrie, for being such a wonderful city and we look forward to many more years of championing better lives for this welcoming community.

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