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Choosing the Right Office Space for You

To find the right office space rental, you need to consider several things. Although finances are certainly a main consideration, this decision is actually comprised of several factors. For example, to determine the cost of occupancy, you need to think about the quality of services provided by the property owner, special features of the building, location, and more.

Top Considerations When Choosing an Office Space

Efficiency – Even if a larger office is slightly less expensive than a smaller one, it may not be the most economical choice due to space inefficiency. Regardless of the office size, you want space that is utilized. Otherwise, you could end up with a huge office that has multiple unused areas.

Operating Expenses – Beyond the lease, you need to factor in various operating expenses. You will only know the real cost of leasing a specific space after adding in the cost of janitorial services, system upgrades, energy, taxes, and more.

Building Systems – Something else to consider when looking for the right office space is the infrastructure. If you run a business with specific cooling and power needs, you need confirmation that the HVAC system can accommodate them. If you want a downtown location, guaranteed parking is essential.

Property Managers – Before deciding on any small office space, you want to get as much information as possible about the property managers. You need to consider their performance, level of involvement, professionalism, responsiveness, and more. One way to accomplish this is by speaking with other tenants in the same building.

Sustainability – For you, a sustainable office space rental may be important. In this case, you want to make sure that the building follows specific green building practices and has a green building design.

Company Growth – While you can always choose a small office and then move to something bigger, it makes more sense to locate a building that will accommodate your company as it grows.

Location – In real estate, location is always a priority. When looking for the right small office space rental, be sure to consider where your key employees live. If your top employees have a long commute, you risk losing them.

Knowing what to look for and having set criteria will make it easier to find the right office space rental. If you need assistance, Strategic Group provides professional services to get you into a space that accommodates your wants and needs.

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