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Moving apartments in the pandemic: The UPTEN approach

Calgary’s newest residential rental tower, UPTEN, adopts safety-centric welcome procedures

In Calgary’s newest residential rental tower—UPTEN—welcoming residents during a pandemic means creating new ways to keep people safe and healthy. With residents moving in weekly, the team at UPTEN has implemented a variety of relatively uncommon procedures that ensure the move-in experience is safe, positive, and seamless. These procedures include: Plug-in ready cable/internet, a separate service elevator dedicated for move-ins, and encourage all moving personnel to wear masks.

“Ensuring that our residents and staff remain safe and healthy has been our top priority throughout the pandemic,” says Mike Price, property manager at UPTEN. “For many people, moving can be a stressful experience, and that can be even worse during a pandemic whether it is service delays or potentially unsanitized environments. Every new step we’ve taken ensures our residents feel comfortable and safe moving in.”

An added benefit of moving into a brand new building during a pandemic is that there are no prior residents that have been in the suite. Each unit is in top cleanliness and every surface is untouched—they are the first person to live in their new home.

In addition to health and safety protocols for move-in procedures, the team at UPTEN has implemented COVID-19 protocols that include around-the-clock sanitization of high touch surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles, and complimentary coffee machine.

“While it may seem like a tedious, repetitive task,” said Price, “the health of residents is our top priority—especially during this pandemic.”

For more information on UPTEN visit the website at or follow @liveupten on Instagram and Facebook.

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