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Parking in Calgary: Challenging, but You Overcame

As Calgary continues to grow, parking has become challenging. Especially in the downtown area, finding good parking in Calgary can be quite difficult, especially during the workweek. Even harder is trying to find free parking in Calgary in places where you feel safe leaving your vehicle. Fortunately, you have several viable sources that will lead you to the best available parking.

You might consider getting a Calgary parking map, which pinpoints exact locations. With this map, you can also get details about each site, making your selection easier. The best place to get a map is online. Using Google or another search engine, type in the keywords “Calgary parking map” in the search field; from there, you can view different options.

Another way to find cheap parking in downtown Calgary involves asking people you know – those who work there or visit on a frequent basis – for recommendations. With the information in hand, you can then conduct research to find the parking that best suits your needs. Because so many people park in the downtown area of Calgary, you have several different possibilities.

Helpful Tips

  • Although it isn’t free parking in Calgary, valet parking is available at The Core Shopping Centre. Because this is the perfect downtown area, prices are generally not cheap. Even so, if you are going downtown for a special event, need assistance with parking, or do not mind spending the money, valet parking is worth consideration.

  • Street parking is not only available, but affordable, thanks to adjustments the city has made that base the rate on the time of day. Although the lunch hour is most expensive and the busiest time of the day for street parking, it is free after 6:00 p.m. and on Sundays.

  • You might consider parkades and parking lots owned by private companies. Although the rates vary from one company to another, most of these sites are well-maintained, lit, and monitored for enhanced safety. If you need to park at night, there are quite a few parkades that only charge $2, making them ideal options when going downtown for dinner or to see a show.

When looking for a place to park downtown, it is nice to know that you have options. It is also nice to know that, when you need to find the perfect home, you are just one-click away. By visiting the Strategic Group website, you can browse through all types of properties located throughout Calgary, including downtown. If you need assistance, give us a call.

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