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Strategic Group supports local artists

Kelly Johnsgaard and Andrea Llewellyn approached Strategic Group about their vision of transforming one of Strategic Group’s properties into a work space for local artists.

COO Randy Ferguson says, “They had a desire to create a studio where the creative can have access to space and where progressive thought could be nurtured.”

From a creative and unconventional idea, Kelly and Andrea co-founded what is now known as Voltage Creative Garage. They recently opened for business with multiple studios available to artists. The “creative garage” is located in Marda Loop and is a short-term project until building development commences on the property. In the meantime, the space will welcome sculptors, painters, print makers, photographers, designers, festival organizers, animators, multimedia and performance artists.

“We now have another very cool arts community space, right here in Calgary,” Ferguson says. “These types of initiatives are important because they are great reminders to corporate Calgary that to be creative and unconventional in tougher economic times can mean success.

Economically successful businesses are a part, but not all, of what makes a great city.”

Strategic Group visited Andrea and Kelly at Voltage Creative Garage just before the Mayor’s Lunch. Watch the video below to learn more about the multi-disciplinary artist studio. The creative space is currently operating, with an official community opening in Spring 2016.

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