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10 Things You Need to Know If You Are Moving to Calgary

If you plan to move to Calgary, you should know some things. Especially when it comes to Calgary rentals, a little bit of information will help you make the right decision. The good news is that you have many excellent options for apartments in Calgary, so finding a nice place to live will not be difficult.

The Thriving City of Calgary

Beyond rentals, you have several key things to ponder when moving to Calgary.

  1. Entrepreneurship – Regardless of the business, entrepreneurs receive a lot of support. There are all types of small businesses throughout the city, including jewelry stores, coffee shops, tech companies, and more. With tremendous opportunities for starting a business, this is an excellent place to succeed.

  2. Outdoor Living – Whether looking for apartments in Calgary in the country or city, you will always have something to do outdoors. Some of the more popular activities include hiking, camping, snowboarding, and skiing.

  3. Scenic Views – One reason that many people prefer apartments downtown is the breathtaking scenic views. From The Peace Bridge, Scotsman’s Hill, and Crescent Heights, the downtown skyline is mesmerizing.

  4. Cost of Living – Overall, Calgary is an affordable place to live. Compared to New York, the cost of living is almost 25 percent lower.

  5. Melting Pot – Because so many people living in Calgary are not from there, it is considered a melting pot of different ethnicities.

  6. Lively Entertainment – If you enjoy lively entertainment, you will love Calgary. Especially downtown, there are many trendy bars, restaurants, music festivals and the famous Calgary Stampede.

  7. Easy Access – Something else to know when moving to Calgary is that you can get almost anywhere in just 20 minutes using various modes of transportation.

  8. River Fun – With a few rivers, there is plenty to do during the summer months. Whether floating on an inner tube, enjoying a picnic, or camping, this is great fun for everyone.

  9. High Ranking – Calgary is quickly becoming one of the most livable cities in the world. This is just one of many reasons that Calgary rentals are in such high demand.

  10. Safe Living – Probably the most important of all things to know when moving is that Calgary is one of the safest places that you can live. Whether looking to buy a house or researching various Calgary rentals, you will feel safe.To find the right apartment based on your specific needs, check out our leasing page today!

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