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Big Parking Spaces in Downtown Edmonton

Working in a relatively large city is exciting and convenient, but sometimes there are obstacles to overcome. For example, parking spaces in downtown Edmonton are expected to decrease over time as this city experiences continued growth.

As the capital of Alberta province, Edmonton has a long history and rich culture. Over the past several years, new development has encouraged an increasing number of people to move to and work in the downtown area. For now, parking spaces in downtown Edmonton are not a major concern, but they will be within the next 10 years.

Future Changes

Change is already being seen. For instance, the City of Edmonton is reviewing a proposal in which several parking lots in the downtown area would be converted into one large park. The lots in question have been dormant for decades. Therefore, city officials feel that transforming them into one large park that would benefit the Warehouse Campus Neighborhood is justifiable.

However, the number of complaints received from concerned residents and business owners became so great that a community advisory committee was tasked to look at alternative solutions. Today, roughly 45,000 parking spaces exist in downtown Edmonton. The concern is that this supply is being cut due to a building boom.

City officials do not feel that approving or supporting additional surface parking in downtown Edmonton is warranted since it does not promote the wanted environment. Instead, the city wants to focus on underground parking. This was evident with the construction of the newly opened Rogers Place arena in which surface parking was eliminated and replaced with 3,000 spaces underground.

According to the Downtown Business Association, Edmonton boasts 85 parking facilities. Those facilities are a mix of surface lots and parkades that are below and above grade. Many people believe that the only way to create an even more vibrant and desirable downtown area is by sacrificing common surface lots.

Although there are plenty of affordable parking spaces in downtown Edmonton available, that is expected to change, as the goal is for this city to become as large as Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Many would like to have a downtown area with inexpensive parking located within a few blocks from their destination. However, in lieu of driving, there is a good chance that mass transit will be pushed in Edmonton much as it is in Vancouver.

If you currently need parking spaces in downtown Edmonton, we can help you find the ideal location. At Strategic Group, we specialize in all types of commercial, residential, and industrial properties and would love the opportunity to assist you.

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