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How to Find Affordable Commercial Office Rentals

When searching for commercial office rentals, you can either do things the old-fashioned way or the new way. Using old methods, you would drive around areas of interest and look for signs that read “for rent office space” or ask people who you know for recommendations; the other option is to look for office rental listings online. As imagined, finding commercial or industrial space for rent in Calgary is quicker and easier this way.

While this might sound strange, never compromise on location – even if you pay more for rent. By renting office space close to public transportation and in an area of Calgary where you conduct a lot of business, such as meeting with potential and existing clients, you come out ahead in the long-run. Your employees will arrive at work on time and you are close to activity relating to your business. This gives you the opportunity to run a seamless organization while building your customer base.

You can also secure affordable space by looking at office rental listings for companies that want someone to take over their lease; this situation often opens doors to negotiating a lower price. It is now relatively common to find companies moving to larger spaces in line with business growth: This could be the ideal solution for you, when dealing with the right company.

Consider commercial or industrial spaces for rent in Calgary that are located in older buildings. While the thought of moving into a trendy or luxurious space may be on your wish list, it would come at a price. If you have a restricted budget, consider buildings that are older and less aesthetically pleasing. You can even make a good impression on your customers by showing them that saving money is possible with unique solutions.

Sharing space is also an option if you can find the right company to share with; in this case, you could possibly rent more expensive office space while still spending less than if renting it on your own. In addition, rather than searching for downtown commercial space, focus on places right on the edge. Downtown rent comes at a premium price, but by renting office space one to three blocks away, you will save a significant amount of money – yet still be connected.

Regardless of your budget, desired location, or office size, we can help. Strategic Group offers an innovative online solution whereby you can review, read details, and look at photos of available properties. To learn more, visit our website or call to speak with a company representative.

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