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Our strategic business approach to real estate

Our three-phase approach gives us a competitive advantage to develop a unique portfolio and build our business.

Strategic Group is a credible, capable, and committed organization in the real estate industry. At Strategic Group, we own and operate 95 purpose-built, multi-family buildings as well as residential apartments for rent comprising of 2,951 units across Calgary, Edmonton, Spruce Grove, and Atlantic Canada. Throughout 2018, there was a large amount of uncertainty in the real estate industry. Strategic Group adjusted to this by implementing our three-phase approach to the real estate market – visioning, creating, and optimizing.

VISIONING – Imagining, planning, and analyzing The first phase of our approach to real estate includes imagining, planning, and analyzing. The visioning phase takes place when an idea or opportunity is formed, research, or explored. As part of the Strategic Group of Companies, Strategic Builders (a construction management company that also provides pre-construction services), works closely with Strategic Group’s Development, Property Management, and Leasing teams to execute our integrated vision. Land and asset purchases are made when our vision for an asset’s possibilities become a proven business case.

CREATING– Designing, constructing, and stabilizing The second phase in our approach encompasses the process of designing, constructing, and stabilizing the desired properties. Creating is the action that follows an approved plan. It is where the team is mobilized and empowered to turn ideas into reality.

OPTIMIZING – Managing, leasing, and reinvesting The last phase in our approach is where we create long-term value across our entire portfolio through the insight of our experienced management team, effective leasing strategies, and capital investment in our assets. Our fully integrated real estate model allows for collaborations across our organization.

In 2018, despite uncertainty in the real estate industry, Strategic Group continued to grow and adapt. This is a testament to our team of highly skilled industry leaders. We empower and guide our team with the knowledge and tools necessary to persevere in challenging economic times.

Above: CN Tower, Edmonton, AB, featuring 280,297 SF of office space, owned, operated, and managed by Strategic Group.

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