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Questions to Ask About Edmonton Rentals

Even if you are excited about a particular property, before signing the lease on any apartment, you need to ask specific questions. For all Edmonton rentals, these questions are important, since the answers will reveal things that will help you decide on one property over another.

Key Questions to Ask

Getting answers to the following questions will not only help with the decision-making process, it might result in you being able to rent faster Edmonton apartments.

  • Is there an on-site manager? – If you prefer an apartment complex or condominium over a house, ask if there is an on-site property manager. This is actually beneficial for a number of reasons. An on-site manager creates a better sense of security, and often, it results in faster resolutions to problems that arise.

  • What is the process for maintenance emergencies and how are calls handled? – Maintenance emergencies are common, even among newer apartments for rent in Edmonton. Therefore, you should understand the process for reporting a problem but also what you can expect in return.

  • Can I change wall color? – To make tenants feel more at home, which often leads to longer leases, an increasing number of landlords allow renters to paint the walls. However, there are often stipulations. If you find a great place to rent but want to make some changes. ask if you are allowed to paint the walls. Usually, the new color has to be approved and in some scenarios, landlords will put in the lease that painted walls must be returned to their original color before the tenant moves out.

  • Are there any restrictions regarding houseguests? – You would think that being your home that you can have as many guests over whenever you want without needing permission. While that is often the case, some landlords put restrictions on houseguests for the sake of neighbors, so to be on the safe side, ask.

  • If I have to break the lease, am I permitted to find a replacement tenant? – Even if you have no plans to break your lease, sometimes unexpected things happen. Before finding yourself in a mess, you should know if you are allowed to find a replacement tenant. Usually, as long as the new tenant passes a background check, the landlord has no problem, but determine this before signing the lease.

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