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Small Rental Office Space: A Profitable Option

Leasing the largest office space possible is a common mistake made by many business owners. In many situations, a small office space rental is actually the better option. Although you may envision a grand office with open space for workers, there are several viable reasons to consider a smaller office first.

Choosing a small office space rental is a great way to save money. Especially for startups, smaller businesses, and companies where employees are frequently away from the work environment, a smaller office is an excellent solution. In addition to spending less money on furnishings, the cost of monthly utilities decreases substantially. Spending less capital on an office gives you the opportunity to use it for more critical areas of the business.

Today, buildings that offer smaller office space are extremely popular. For that reason, building owners and landlords understand the value of providing tenants with many of the same amenities found in buildings with larger offices. For example, it is common to find free parking, free Wi-Fi and high-speed internet, shared break rooms, available meeting space, and a host of other things. Ultimately, you enjoy a number of amenities without going over budget.

Even though smaller offices are in high demand, they are relatively easy to find. Especially in larger cities, you have a nice selection. That means there is an excellent chance that you can find space within close proximity to where your workers live. As a result, they will spend less for traveling back and forth to work, not to mention they will have more quality time to spend at home with family.

Although the economy has stabilized, many companies are still hesitant to spend too much for leasing office space. In response to this concern, architects designed some amazing smaller offices that provide everything needed for a reasonable cost. Beyond saving money on a small office space rental, research shows that when employees work within close proximity to one another, there is a more collaborative environment. This leads to higher levels of productivity and, therefore, a bigger cost-savings.

At Strategic Group, we specialize in various types of real estate. If you are looking for the right small office space rental in Canada, we would love the opportunity to help. You can visit us online to view available properties or contact us by phone to speak with a team expert.

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