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The Best Areas to Lease Commercial Space in Calgary

When it comes to Calgary office space for lease, you will have no problem finding what you need. As a fast-growing place to live and work, there is ample space for lease in Calgary throughout the city. Whether you have a small company or larger corporation, it is important to identify the right location that provides the amenities your business needs.

Today, 20 percent of downtown office space in Calgary is vacant. According to reports, this is the highest level in the past three decades. Although this area is slumping, it is not all bad news. Because of open inventory, you have tremendous options for Calgary office space for lease. The problem is that many oil and gas companies have cut jobs, resulting in office consolidation. This caused the office market to open up.

For you and other business owners looking for a reasonably priced space for lease in Calgary, now is the time to take action – You have many exciting opportunities for space. This allows you to choose space that suits your company at present time as well as for future growth.

Sundance Properties

Located in Calgary, Sundance 1000, Sundance Place, Sundance 6000, and Sunpark Plaza are all exceptional spaces. Sundance 1000 is a four-story building that boasts 171,422 square feet of space. Sundance Place is another great option for office space. With a wide range of options for square footage, you can choose the exact space according to your business size and needs.

Although the Sundance 6000 three-story building is smaller, with 32,013 square feet of space, it is just as impressive. These buildings offer a convenient location to the South Centre Shopping Mall and the Fish Creek Provincial Park. You might also consider Sunpark Plaza, a four-story building with 60,023 square feet of office space. As with the other properties, you have quick and easy access to a number of popular sites.

Whether you are interested in the office space mentioned or an entirely different property, we are here to help. To ensure you lease the best commercial space for lease in Calgary, check out our available locations today.

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