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Why Finding Parking in Downtown Edmonton Has Become a Struggle

Whether you live or work in the area, you probably recognize that finding decent parking in downtown Edmonton has become increasingly more difficult. For either scenario, people feel frustrated and complain daily. In addition to limited street parking in Edmonton, the rates keep going up.

If you struggle to find parking downtown on a regular basis, know that you are not alone. In fact, even the City of Edmonton realizes the problem has worsened over the past few years. Because of that, they started discussing viable options as of late last year. Official city members hope to come up with solutions that make a difference, thereby reducing the frustration that people feel.

High rents and less-than-anticipated foot traffic have forced some companies to leave the downtown area. Even so, covered, open, and street parking in Edmonton remains a significant problem. Another concern is the city’s plan to convert several surface parking lots downtown into a three-acre park.

Although this park is part of the city’s 20-year downtown revitalization master plan, it raises serious concerns considering that it will prompt even more new development. That means that for people who already struggle to find good parking, as the volume of development increases, the issue will intensify.

Until the city comes up with a permanent solution, it reminds people that downtown Edmonton boasts 2,500 stalls, all within four parking facilities. With convenient locations, people who utilize these parking facilities can walk to City Hall, the Stanley A. Milner Library, the Downtown Arts District, Churchill Square, and Canada Place, as well as hotels, restaurants, shopping, the pedway system, and the LRT service. As you can see, a nearby parking space is vital for increasing the viability of a commercial space for lease.

Among the four parking facilities, including the Library Parkade, City Hall Parkade, Canada Place Parkade, and Edmonton City Centre Parking, the latter tends to be the most preferred. This facility opens seven days a week at 6:00 am and does not close until 1:00 am. Most people agree that the rates are reasonable, although they do change on statutory holidays and the weekend. Located at 10231 103 Street, you might consider this option when parking downtown.

Convenient and Affordable Parking

At Strategic Group, we hope to do our part in helping with restricted parking in downtown Edmonton by partnering with both commercial and residential properties that boast ample space. As a result, people who live or work downtown can enjoy parking close to their home or business. For more information on our services and available properties, visit our parking page or call 403.234.3233.

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